{Collins} Re: 30L-1 signal pass-thru

If the shield is disconnected the wire acts as a random wire antenna, viola, 
First step is to connect the antenna directly to the RX.
Are there signals?
If no signal, then it could it be the that path from the antenna, through 
the relay in the amp. is some how disrupted?
Attach one end of your VOM (in resistance mode) to the input of the Amp. and 
the other end to the output.

The resistance should be about zero.

You get the idea.  Break the problem down and work through the possibilities 
until solved.


> was working some dx earlier and the 30L-1 made a noise and then the
> received signals all dropped out. the tubes checked out fine. i checked
> the signal path and have found a curious thing.  if the RF input
> connector is inserted so the shield does not connect, i have a signal
> present on my receiver.  if i fully insert the input connector, the
> signal is gone.
> any suggestions on where to look - something is creating a loop
> -Steve, WM3O

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