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Savy Investor alert!!!!



Undervalued and brand new
Southern Cosmetics, Inc.
Symb0l: SHCM. pk
Current_price: .12
Projected Short_Term Growth: 2.00+
Rating: 10 out of 10

* Act Quick, Monday SHCM is going to Explode!! *

With the aging population of baby boomers, my self
included it gives me great pleasure to introduce
you to a company that  is here to take advantage of
a market that is expected to grow into $41.94 Bi||i0n
by 2006, We are speaking of SHCM: Southern Cosmetics.

A progressive internet based direct marketing company 
and provider of choice cosmetics headquartered in
Long Beach, CA, is closing a transaction of an asset
purchase with Naomi, LLC, a leading cosmetic company
endorsed by Naomi Judd. 

Naomi, LLC did $9 mi||i0n in gross revenue in 2004 
and did this with an infomercial. This company has 
successfully tested the market for it's products, and 
the next move most likely would be to enter into the 
multi bi||i0n d0llar retail market. The company could 
follow in the footsteps of other infomercial companies 
like the Suzane Summers thigh buster which turned into 
a $1OO,OOO,OOO d0||ar phenomenon.

SHCM is led by the world famous Naomi Judd, SHCM
another star powered company with lots of potential,
lets face it if she could sell mi||i0ns of records in
stores all over the world, one would think anyone would
love to have an opportunity to market and sell any of
her new hot products.

Savy investors everywhere made thousands of trading
d0||ars by taking advantage of the star trend when
Lisa Marie Presley went public, with their estate. CKXE
opened at  $.10 cents and then went to $30.00, THIS
COULD HAVE BEEN A 30,000% GAIN if you had bought
10,000 shares at .10 for 1,OOO d0||ars you could have made
$300,000 d0||ars if you sold out at the top.

A $1,OOO d0||ar investment could lead  you to $1O,OOO
in quick trading profits, if she is able to get these
products in stores across America, I would look for the
public, fans, and The investment community to love this
company, and cause SHCM to appreciate significantly.
You know when you hear a good song, this one can
make you dance!!!!

This is a ground floor opportunity, the company
currently is 300% undervalued based on companies in the
same industry's trading multiples, This company market
cap is only $10 mi||i0n d0||ars allowing you to get in
NOW and enjoy the ride up that only a celebrity with a
product can give you. You are never too old to make
money, and with this company the writing is on the wall.
Do not miss the opportunity , get this one while it
is cheap.

* Act Quick, Monday SHCM is going to Explode!! *


Leg4l Disc|aimer:
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st4tements" within the meaning of Sect10n 27A of the
Secur1t1es Act of 1933 and Sect10n 21B of the S3cur1t1es
Exchange Act of 1934. Any st4tements that express or
inv0lve discussi0ns with respect to predicti0ns, g0als,
expectati0ns, be|iefs, plans, pr0jecti0ns, objectives
,assumptions or future events or performance are not
statements of hist0rical fact and may be "f0rw4rd
l00king statements."In compliance with Sect10n 17(b),
we disclose the payment of 5OOO do||ars pri0r to the
publication of this report. Be aware of an inherent
conflict of interest resulting from such payment.

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