{Collins} 32S3 output disappears

Greetings to the List,

        My 32S3 RE has been acting up. I keep losing the output signal in 
both CW and SSB.  When I turn on the XMTR it works great for about 5 to 10 
minutes, then the idling current drops and eventually disappears completely. 
I use a Heath SB-610 to monitor the output.  When the idle current drops low 
there is little output and the CW pattern on the scope is like a zigzag, 
then the signal drops completely and NO output.

        I checked all the tubes and cleaned the relays, still no change.  I 
try to send a couple of digital photos of the scope patterns if it would 
help. Also when I try to operate on VOX the relays chattering.    The only 
changes I have made in a long time is the 5R4 tube in the Power Supply.  It 
tested OK but noticed a purple glow while looking on top of it when testing. 
A new one got me back on the air then it started to act up.

        Would someone on the list be willing to exchange notes and help me 
trace this problem.  Many thanks for the bandwidth.  I searched the archives 
and did not find anything similar to this.

Rene  VE1CB.... 

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