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Symb0l: CEOA . pk

Recent_Price: $.81 (post split)
Expected_Trading_Range: $1.30
Shares Outstanding: 35M (est.)
Float (est.): 5M

This st0ck has just started a Major PR Campaign!!
How will it react to th0usands of investors
in the know now?

We are expecting a explosion in the price.
Don't wait act early watch this one trade starting
Wedneday and the rest of the WEEK!! ACT QUICK!!!

*Read Below Why we think this one is going to take
off this week with this major PR campaign.

Most Recent News This Month:

  VeriFone and CEO America Sign Marketing and
Development Agreements Supporting New Digital Currency
Service (CREDITZ(TM)) for Merchants

*Goto Your Favorite Financial Site to read all the
Full Press Releases!

About the Company:

CEO America, Inc. is the sole licensee of the Creditz
Digital Currency System - Creditz is the worlds first
digital currency, transforming cash, reward points,
and miles into digital form enabling secure transactions
in retail stores, online, and wireless.

CEOA believes it will generate approximately $45M in
revenue its first full year of operations as a Digital

Currency Vendor, commencing in 2006 and will produce
$25OM, with net income of $35M in calendar 2007.

Partners & Alliances:
*In negotiations with national retailers

CEOA is postured to dominate the retail community in
the US and internationally.

Researchers say Creditz is fast becoming the countrys
foremost choice of currency in e-commerce, a
$2O_bi||i0n a year industry.

Watch this one All week!!


Lega| Disc|a1mer:
This is a marketing and information firm, and is n0t a
f1nancial analyst. This report is based on independent
analysis but also relies on information supplied by
sources believed to be reliable. This report may or
may not be the opinion of CEOAs management. We have
been retained to reprint and distribute this
information. We have not been compensated by CEOA.
Compensation was made by a third party investor of
CEOA The Market Invest0r_Al3rt and its officers and
directors may from time to time buy and sell CEOA
shares in the open market without notice. Ongoing
technical analysis may from time to time cause the
target_price to fluctuate without notice. The
information contained in this report is not intended
to be, and shall not constitute, an offer to sell or
s0licitation of any offer to buy any security. This
report contains f0rw4rd- l00k1ng _st4tem3nts, which
involve risks and uncertainties that may cause actual
results to differ materially from those set forth in
the f0rw4rd-l00k1ng_st4tem3nts.It is intended for
information only. Consult with your financial advis0r
about CEOA.

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