{Collins} New manuals in the CCA Archives!

Hi All,

Thanks to Brian Sokol  (son of Tony W9JXN) a number of new manuals were 
uploaded to the CCA Archives today.

This is a list of 'What's New"

75A-1, 75A-2 (two versions), KW-1, SC-101, 312B-2, 32MS-1, 212B-2, 
212F-1, 26J-1, 356E-1, 354A-1, 516E-1, 55G-1, 302C-3, and PM-2.

Coming soon will be the 75A-3 and others.


I am looking for original manuals for the 310 series of exciters!  If 
you have any of these manuals  please let me know if I can borrow them 
to scan for the CCA archives.

Coming soon 32V-3 and KWM-1 manuals.


Larry WA9VRH

Collins Collectors Association Archive Manager

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