{Collins} calling any 651s-1 gurus out there...

So I am a new-bee to the 651S-1 Receiver.  I had a HF-8054 a while back, and regrettably let it go.  The 651S-1 sort of reminded me of that receiver in a sort of misguded way, except it has a "twirly knob" (fancy word for VHF, a novel idea when none of your radios have one) and I got one. 
I've read the archives, and what I could find on the internet.  My rx has the LEDs plugged in place of the pixie tubes.  It would be cool if they were green, but they arent, so I wont sweat it.

My questions center around some of the questions I've read on the archives, and lack of answers (presumibly they were all direct answers).   

1:  So how do you disable the rxcvr muting by lifting a trace on the audio board... WHAT TRACE?

2: Is there a way to change the rate of tuning?

3: How (where) do I apply (how many volts) power to keep the frequency in memory when I power the radio off.  I understand this was standard on earlier sets, but an option mine apprently doesnt have.

I obviously dont have a manual (yet).  Going to work on that.  I apologize in advance for any of the questions that are obvious to someone with a manual.

David McGinnis

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