{Collins} Re: Microphone for 32s-3


Almost any good HI-Z dynamic mic will work just fine.  You will hear =
Collins ops using these mics:  EV 664, 619, 674; Astatic D-104, 10-DA; =
444, etc.  There are those who do not particularly care for the Collins =
(made by Turner), especially if there is any sort of premium paid for =
name, as they have not aged well in the last few decades, however, audio =
such a subjective thing...

In recent years the Heil Gold Line Vintage has also become popular.  =
Many of
us enjoy finding some of these old classic mics at swaps for $20 each =
taking a chance to see how it sounds with the Collins transmitters.  If =
mic still works as designed, you'll probably get good audio reports...

Have fun with your S/Line and hope to hear you on the air!
Floyd Soo, W8RO
President, HI-RES Communications, Inc.
President, Collins Collectors Association

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> Looks like I may be buying a Collins S-Line soon.  Since a microphone =
> not
> included with the station, I'm looking for recommendations for the =
> mic
> to use with this equipment.  Thanks,
> Lawrence

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