{Collins} HF Crystals for KWM-2A

Does anyone have an 8.355 MHz HF crystal (tuning range 5.2 to 5.4 MHz) for the KWM-2A  that they would be prepared to part with? The Collins part number is 290-9018-000. I need this to put my KWM-2A onto the UK experimental 5 MHz assigned channels.
I may need to have one made, and Service Information Letter 2-75 specifies CR-18/U per MIL-C-3098 B, etc, but can anyone please enlighten me on the crystal mode and electical specs (ie series mode +  max ESR,  or parallel mode + shunt capacity)? I am having difficulty finding this information..

Thanks in advance for any help,

Terry, G3VFO 
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