{Collins} Re: calling any 651s-1 gurus out there...

Thanks everybody for the replies to my call.

I worked on the 651S-1 today.  Then checked my email.

Thankyou for the offers for a manual.  I got one coming today, so I suppose 
in the forever it takes to make its way in the mail I'll have one.  I took 
the radio apart and cleaned it up really well.  Next trip out will be with 
spectrum analizer and signal generator.  I suspect the LSB filter is weak, 
as the signal strenghts are much lower than the other filters.

Here is what I discovered:

One of the emails mentioned 6VDC to keep the memory alive.  There are 
terminals on the back for 6VDC.  So, I am thinking you put a 6VDC 
rechargable battery on the terminals?

Figured out how to turn the decimal points on and off.  There is a 68Ohm 
resistor you install to make the decimal come on.  Mine was missing one 
decimal - Fixed.

Ian- The audio trace comment was in response to a email you sent with the 
same information.  I'm going out to look at my audio card now.  I imagine 
its unmodified because when I turn the knob fast it blanks out.  By shutter 
buzz you mean the scratchyness I hear when turning the dial slowly.  My one 
complaint is how bad it sounds when tuning.  I wonder if that is "normal" or 
a defect.  Probably why they blanked the audio to begin with.

Mac - I'm glad you enjoy my old 8054 so much.  Taking that system down was 
probably one of the least-thought inspired things I have done.


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