{Collins} Re: Microphone for 32s-3

> microphones, which are all quite good, but the SM-3 works so 
> well I haven't thought of changing.

It's an ordinary mic.  I'll get banned from the reflector, but frankly, the
mic isn't the issue, one way or the other, although you may percieve that
because it's got the logo on it it must be perfect.  (How did we get there,
anyway? Art, Zeus, Thor, whatever)  

Over hyped.  It's the radio/filter, not the mic.  You could hook some ribbon
extravagant-DC-to-daylight-thingie into the usual Collins radio, and the guy
on the other end wouldn't be able to tell whether you're using the high
pricesd spread or a $1.95 thing from Mouser.  Anything else is urban legend
-- or self fulfilling prophesy.


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