{Collins} 75A-2 No Receive

Just picked up an A-2.   Cosmetically very good, but it does not receive.  
Someone has added another 6BA6 in the NBFM adapter socket and a 455 IF can under 
the chassis.  Not sure if this is a home brew NBFM unit or not.  Could not 
find any articles with a schematic that looks like this modification.   Would 
appreciate any inputs/suggestions if you know of this mod.
In any event, the receiver has some noise on all bands in CW position, but no 
stations.  Same symptoms on all bands.  Hooking up/discommencting antenna 
makes no difference.  No change twisting the trimmer.  BFO seems to work because 
you can hear a change in the sound.  Very little--or no--noise in AM.

Deoxited it, and checked all tubes.

Any thoughts on what to check out?


Buck  W0RST

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