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Carl and all,
The problem of operating the KWM-2 or A from the Heath supply is not the B+ but the filament current the Heath supply is designed to supply. The KWM-2(A) is more than the supply was designed for. (Check it out)
The Heath supply will work great with any 32S transmitter though.
I hope this helps,
John, WA5VVT, CCA Board member and Collins Radio service for over 35 years.    
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>On the Heath remailer there was some info about using a HP 23 power suppl=
>on a KWM-2 .>Carl W9TAD
I would think the Main B+ of the S-line gear would work fine on either 250 
or 300 volts but to be perfectly safe I would choose the 250 volt setting. I 
can't imagine any harm but performance could be slightly affected especially 
on transmit. If you have a service monitor (you should, or be a member of a 
club that does) you could run a proof of performance test this way.

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