{Collins} Re: Collins daily activity during the work week

Jim, et al,

Every once in a while I listen to 14.263 during the week and I do catch =
members there.  I also catch CCA members 10 Kc down from there too.

I don't know if any CCA folks are on 40M consistently, tho'...
Floyd Soo, W8RO
President, HI-RES Communications, Inc.
President, Collins Collectors Association

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> I have been wondering ,and searching for any frequency on 20 or 40 =
> some daytime activity mat be hiding .   By 9 PM eastern my radios are
> normally
> off , so thought I would look/see if any are on in the afternoon  =
> than
> change a pattern at this end.   Collins equipment is  always a =
pleasure to
> have
> working properly and there are many ,my self  included,who would be
> interest
> in some Collin's activity during the daily  afternoons .
>   Maybe around some freq like 7200 or 14 250 +/ - 15 kc , opps!  Hz.
>    No net control, No Solid start time, just a round-table  of =
> interested in Collins
> gear .................Maybe they is one all ready going on  ?         =
> Jim-K4DEE

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