{Collins} KWS-1 Coax Realy Voltage Options?

The KWS-1 is wired standard for a 115 VDC coax relay with a 4000 ohm coil. 
These relays are somewhat expensive.

28 VDC relays with a 220 ohm coil are readily available for far less money. 
About the same price are 115 VAC Dow-Key relays that could also work as well 
as plenty of 12 VDC coils.

My question to the group is to solicit methods used by others in each of 
these situations and the pluses and minuses of each.

If the 115 VAC option is used has there been any negative experience with 
contact burning on K-101?

One method I have used is to procure a DPST 115 VDC octal plug-in relay 
using one set of contacts as the external relay contact and the other 
contact to close the circuit to whatever relay I have available using the 
proper external power source (115 VAC/12 VDC/28VDC etc). This way I don't 
have to modify the KWS-1 but I'm wondering if a more simplistic approach 
would be better?


73, Roger, NJ2R 

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