{Collins} Dual section cap in 516F 2

Greetings to the group.
As I was tuning about this evening with my venerable KWM-2, suddenly I was enveloped in a cloud of white smoke and all went silent.  

I know, I should never have allowed the smoke to get out, but it did, from the dual section electrolytic.  I don't have the manual (shame on me), therefore no schematic and the markings on the cap are illegible.  

So, what is the value of said cap, and where might I be able to acquire one?  While I'm in there, I'll replace all the electrolytics I can find.  Mouser seems to have everything.  

I also need the value for the cap that comes from pin 8 of the 5R4 to the standoff next the chokes..  

Any assistance will be welcome.

Gil, W1RG
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