{Collins} 30S-1

  I have a new to me 30S-1 that I bought today from an estate.
I don't have a key for the lock in the lower door and am hoping that it is 
a standard cut key that fits all and some one on the list can have one made 
for me?
Right away I can see that I am going to need the motor shock mounts 
reference 170 in the 15 March 1976 instruction book.
It is 170  106PDL2  Mount Resilient (V76005) 200-1449-000   On page 6-15
Is there a source for these (3) or will I have to adapt something else to fit?
  Does the 4CX1000A pull straight out or does it need to be turned before 
you remove it?  I unlatched the clamp and it is not an easy remove if it 
pulls straight out.  The amplifier came with two new spare tubes in sealed 
plastic bags.  they are  Eimac 8168's.  Are they a newer version of the 
  Has anyone developed a write up on what to look at when cleaning and 
bringing it up.
  It has a round emblem but there are 2 screws one on each side of the 
emblem so it may have had a winged emblem to start.  I will know more when 
I get the door open and can see the serial number.
  I will say that it is a heavy son of a gun.
Thank You for any help.

73,  John KC0YAI

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