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I omitted, no one stocks them,  thus Lord sells thru Reps. the cost is 
nothing,I forget,  but it seems like the last time it was like 3-4 ea. for a 
shock mount and maybe I was selling them for 16 or so.. shipped...  I forget 
... mind is getting old ...  birthday in 2 more weeks, train in the night 
has a better chance ... anyhow you now pretty well have the picture .. 
mac/mc  w5mc

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> Mac,
> Thank you for the history on the emblem.  I hadn't thought of that 
> possibility.  This amplifier also has a row of 3/8" holes drilled in the 
> top cover.  No idea what they were added for.
> When you speak of minimum order numbers on the shock mounts How many would 
> that be and who would stock / manufacture them?
> 73, John  KC0YAI
> Bona, Missouri
> 25 miles NW of Springfield, Missouri
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