{Collins} Nominations for CCA Board members

CCA members,

Please remember that nominations are now open for CCA Board members.
Nominations will be open until the end of September.  There will be 3 =
positions open this Fall.  The CCA Board of Directors (BoD) is elected =
the membership to run the organization.  It is important to have =
and trustworthy people at the helm.  If you know a CCA member who would =
able to take on the responsibilities of making decisions to keep the CCA
running as one of the premier Amateur Radio organizations, maybe you =
talk him into running for the BoD and nominate him/her!

Please understand that there ARE responsibilities with the position and =
lot goes on behind the scenes to make the CCA events, nets, email =
web site and meetings a success.

Please contact Robert Turner, W5APN, at: w5apn@xxxxxxxxxx for more
information or to nominate someone.
Floyd Soo, W8RO
President, HI-RES Communications, Inc.
President, Collins Collectors Association

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