{Collins} Re: 30S-1

On 8/27/06, John Cox <jecox@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Right away I can see that I am going to need the motor shock mounts
> reference 170 in the 15 March 1976 instruction book.
> It is 170  106PDL2  Mount Resilient (V76005) 200-1449-000   On page 6-15
> Is there a source for these (3) or will I have to adapt something else to fit?

A few years back Mac McCullough ordered up a bunch of these (from
Lords, I think?) and offered them to the list. He may still have some
left, or be able to point you in the right direction.

>   Does the 4CX1000A pull straight out or does it need to be turned before
> you remove it?

There are several rows fins along the bottom edge that make contact
with mating fins inside the tube socket. You need to twist is sideways
maybe a quarter turn or so. Pulling straight up will likely damage the
socket and possibly the tube as well.

Sounds like you're not very familiar with the amp, so I would strongly
suggest you find someone nearby to give you a hand initially to
prevent damage to the amp, or worse to yourself.

~ Todd  KA1KAQ
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