{Collins} Problem with KWM-380 Remote Keypad

I recently bought the Pipo 4x4 keypad designed for use the KWM-380. After wiring it to a 25-pin D connector I tested it throughly to verify that the rows, columns and the common pin were connecting as they should for each key press and that there were no shorts between pins. When it is connected it will select only the two MHz digits. When the third digit is attenpted the KWM-380 reverts back to the previously selected frequency. After entering just two digits and ENT it will tune to that frequency. (Entering 1,4,ENT results in 14.000.000.) Hence it can be used to select only 1.000.000, 2.000.000, 3.000.000, ...29.000.000. The STO, RCL and STP functions work to save and recall these even-MHz frequencies that can be entered. The front panel tuning works as it should as does everything else. Any suggetion as to the cause or how to go about tracking it down would be much appreciated. George, KG6GA

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