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Hello Collins Group,
I have a Collins 30L-1 Amp that's in really good shape. Reading the manual
it tells me to tune the Amp to the 0 mark on the meter dipping and tweaking.
Here's a little back ground on my equipment, Kenwood TS-450 with Automatic
tuner, Antenna's 80 meter inverted V, HF Mosley Classic 33 beam. Between the
radio and Amp I have a 3' jumper driving the Amp, 3' from the amp to a MFJ
antenna switch box, and then to a Daiwa CN-801 Swr Power Meter.
My question is the only antenna tuner I have is the automatic in the radio.
I tune the frequency I want with the radio Tuner and then I tune the Amp
dipping and tweaking to the 0 mark in the meter on the Amp. Is this the
right way to tune the Amp and sometimes it seems after watching the Watt
Meter reading its not really the true good reading when it hits the 0 mark.
Really I need to know if I should have a external Tuner between the Amp and
the Antenna or is the adjustments I make using the amp good enough ? I don't
have the long 20' cable between the Amp and Radio like the manual also tells
me to do. I forgot to say I set the Amp to the correct band also. Can
someone tell me how they run there Collins 30L-1 at there station and how
they tune up.
Thanks Collins Group

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