{Collins} 4:1 reduction drive


I'm the new owner of a beautiful 75A4 and I'm enjoying using the receiver that I always wanted.  I am having a minor problem with the 4:1 reduction drive.  If you apply just a small amount of upward pressure on the knob when turning it, the gears disengage and slip.  This also happens when cranking to make a large frequency change.

I removed the knob and examined the mechanism.  The shaft that the knob rides on has a large shaft collar on the outside and moves in a slot that allows it to slide up and down apparently to compensate for tolerances.  There is a small diameter tightly wound coil spring attached to the bottom of the main casting and passing diagonally between the knob shaft and the main tuning (PTO) shaft.  The spring is unterminated at the top end.  It puts a slight downward pressure on the knob shaft but not enough to keep the gears engaged when cranking the knob.

OK, here are the questions:

1.  Is the gear slipping normal for the reduction drive?
2.  Does it sound like my drive is assembled correctly?  Should the spring be tied to something on the top end?
3.  Am I missing a part?
4.  Should I quit complaining about trifles and just enjoy a great receiver?

Paul W2IOG

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