{Collins} Re: KWM-2 vs 75S-1 series

I find that I enjoy using the 32S-1/75S-1 over the KWM-2. My M-2 is an early model with no service mods and the receiver pulls in more annoying noise than the S line. The 75S-1 is a pleasure to listen to and the 32S-1 always generates better, unsolicited, audio reports.
Gary - AI4JA

AirRadio wrote:
Just wondering what the quality differences are, if any, between these two radios, I have a KWM-2 and enjoy it as a transceiver but am wondering if the S series (75S-1) seperates are better or not.  I only have experience of the KWM-2 with the 312b-5 of which I am impressed with, but was wondering if I should go for an S line?. 73 Max

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