{Collins} Re: Phono / Connector for Collins Rigs

When I was a kid in the 50/60's EVERYTHING was put together with phono plugs. They were cheap, plentifull, and easy to work with. The second most common connector was the bananna plug.
Gary - AI4JA

Scott Johnson wrote:

I don't know why people are so quick to condemn them, they are a better 50 ohm connector than a UHF, they are compact, exhibit low intermods, and are easy to mate. I think they were also used because the average ham could easily get mating connectors. Most commercial mobile radio equipment used them as internal interconnects up through UHF, I just don't see why people bitch and moan about them, just don't crank on 'em like a gorilla!

Scott W7SVJ

Ian wrote:

Why Collins used these connectors in the first place? I have a theory about that.

My recollection is that my KWM-1 had phono type connectors that mated with the mobile mount automatically. Yes, I had one in a 1957 Chevy.

I suspect that the KWM-2 mobile mount had the same scheme.

Perhaps that’s the original reason they used the phono plug scheme -easy connect and disconnect in mobile use- and it was carried on through the non-mobile units since they worked OK in the M-1 and M-2 and why have to deal with yet another type of connector (BNC perhaps)?

Somebody here who worked for Collins during that era know the REAL reason?

Ian, K6SDE


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I became frustrated with the RCA type antenna phono connector on my KWM 2A due to intermittent connection and the need for adapters to fit my coax cables causing it to sometimes fall out of the adapter or plug. Why Collins ever picked this connector is beyond me. I solved this problem by removeing the labeled "spare" phono plug on the back panel. Directly underneath it is a larger hole used to remove the shaft of the band switch. I found without any hole drilling or fileing I could install a female BNC jack into the hole. I than soldered a small run of RG8X from there and soldered it to the backside of the origional KWM 2A antenna phono plug. This solved the intermittent and "fall-out" problem AND (most importantly) - everything can be restored to origional condx. in a few minutes.

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