{Collins} Re: The Ubiquitous SO-239s

The book "Welcome to our conglomerate, you're fired!" by Isadore Barmash discusses the Collins-Rockwell merger (among others).


Oh I dont have any doubt, it was Rockwell, Rockwell was even forced to create this series , they knew from the bean counters the AMATEUR product line was passé, thus the dumbed down version of the HF-380 was even introduced .. The days of the LORD werre over ... production and profit were to be made as stand alone centers, carry your own weight, or go away ... Collins didn't sell out as a part of their strength, they were on the ropes, Rockwell was basement shopping, and indeed saw a very good fit to complement their Aircraft building and avionics needs by buying Collins ... and little need for the computer and other efforts Art had Collins headed into .. but yes I totally agree the 380 was FINALLY and engineering dept approve set ... and not near the "PERSONAL " dictate of our leader ... mac/mc W5MerryChristmas

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