{Collins} Re: dust covers

Regarding dust covers......... if, (BIG if) your spouse or significant other is a seamstress and if she has a Surger used with her sewing machine, Wal-Mart sells three (3) weights of clear plastic seatcover material...... very reasonably priced.
It is used for sofas, auto seatcovers and such.
 The heaviest is very durable (thick). I am using 12mil material, but they have heavier, if you desire.
It comes on a roll 54" wide and any length needed, for a few dollars per linear yard.
It does not discolor (at least over the past fifteen years I have used it), and one can make templates, give them to your seamstress and let her make them for you.
I have them for all my Collins equipment from the power supplies, to the KWM2/2A and S-line equipment, 30-L1's and 30S-1 and on the 30S-1, for both the RF deck and power supply door.
They may cost you a nice dinner at a good restaurant, but there is some advantage in custom-made covers for the odd pieces of gear in your set-up.
This is just a different note to get us off of the RCA connector comments..


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