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I had a similar requirement a few years ago when I was setting up my KWM2 and PM2. I found that I could take a Radio Shack RCA plug, cut back the soft plastic strain relief, and bend back the ground terminal to make a right-angle plug. There's no need to insulate the now-exposed center conductor, since it's covered by the PM2 anyway.

In my opinion, the weak point in many RCA connectors is the outer contact on the plug. The "tulip" type won't maintain tension; a bad contact here leads to all sorts of problems, including "RF in the shack". The better designs use other arrangements, which maintain contact pressure even if the connector is pushed and pulled a bit when moving equipment around. And an application of DeOxit is always a good idea.


Dale Rogers wrote:
Thank you for the many replies to my request for quality RCA plug sources. I did have a couple requests for a summary, so here we go. The challenge is finding a plug that will fit between the KWM2 and PM2-PS but I suspect the Switchcraft 3504M may do the trick, unless I can identify a right angle type of RCA.
73 & Thanks!
Rapco – 1-800-325-0266 – Neutrik Pro Fi – RCA Plugs. Have used these at 100 w 450 mhz. Teflon insulation – clutch type strain relief. Worth the 10 – 15 bucks per pair.
Email or better yet call RF Connection:
You can purchase Switchcraft Phono (RCA) plugs from a number of USA distributors:
Allied Electronics, Mouser, Newark/InOne, Arrow Electronics
Mouser electronics has many different types...also I see alltronics has of the old style bare plug , no shield or strain relief, which I prefer when making RG-58 cables..I think mouser had those also..made by switchcraft...If they have teflon, ceramic , or bakelite insulation they will be just fine... *Switchcraft plugs are available from Mouser. Not expensive and they are the "real deal". They are not pretty, but very simple and work great. Mouser P/N 502-3501lM.*
I found all my RCA plugs/leads at the car (auto) radio shops, work very well for me no problems yet. for RG58 coax cables I have been very pleased with the made up ones from Mouser which are molded RCA phonos and are Kobiconn brand in various lengths. For just plugs, there is a veritable plethora of them shown in the catalogue or website by Amphenol and good brands, etc. Very low minimum amount and great to deal with. Hope this helps, _And a very interesting one! - _Monster cable has preassembled cable in all price ranges and lengths Readily available on many internet QTH’s. Their RCA video cables are 75 ohm impedance. Their connectors are second to none. The only place that you really need coax is rf output and even then, I haven’t had a bit of trouble interfacing my 32S3 to my 30S1 or my KWM2 to my 30L1 with the 75 ohm video cables.

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