{Collins} 32V-1 and 75A-1


Please bear with me as this is my first foray into AM gear and boat anchors 
prior to the S line.  I have my station up and running and made a few qso's 
this afternoon on 20m but was extremely unhappy with the side tone it was 
terrible.  So I sat here and looked at how the previous owner had diagramed 
the hook up and looked at the manual at the same time.  He had the side tone 
running thru the 75A-1 speaker and with  the rcvr audio gain turned up to 
hear the side tone  when you transmitted you had this conglomeration coming 
out of intermingled sound.   I received two 270g-1 speakers so I 
disconnected the connection to the 75a-1 and hooked up the side tone out 
from the 32V-1 to the other speaker.  Now when I transmit I turn the audio 
gain on the rcvr down and the side tone is MUCH better.  I just turn the 
gain up when I am done transmitting.  ohhh man, I feel like a EE.


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