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One additional thing about using a 75S- receiver "in parallel" with the -2A transceiver. If you tune them within 10 or 15 KC of each other, the receive sensitivity will be reduced a little for both of them. At night, I tune my 75S-1 to 3.935 to listen for early Gulf Coast Hurricane Net, at the same time I'm checking in with the KWM-2A on the 3.925 Gulf Coast SSB Net. Once I've checked in on the first, I reverse the frequencies. I tune the -2A transmitter up, right in the middle, at 3.930. Works like a charm.
John Painter
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Subject: {Collins} Re: Kwm2a and 75S3 (TRANSCEIVE)

your saying what can be done in the loose sense, but in the strict sense is quite a bit different ..quite easily the 75s3 receiver can be used as a stand alone receiver,  I think I saw a response last week calling it TRUE DUAL receive as someone called it .. this is very true .. but in this roll you will not be able to switch the VFO's from set to set .. back and forth ... but it does allow you to work full split ..  you just cant hot swap the transmit position freq.  then later didn't someone allow with slight modification, the ability to hot swap the VFO's of the sets, im very unsure of the success of this,  where on the 32s transmitter it makes allowances for this ability via. the fron control switch.   while the kwm-2/2a makes this possible thru the outboard switching contained within the outboard 312b-5 VFO console ..  I think the best you can expect is to have 2 full receiver ability, and one trans,it ..   it can be done, to split the kwm-2/2a  but will require some effort at internal switching where now that is carried out thru the 9 pin socket inside on the kwm chassis ..with a outboard cable running to the outboard 312b-5 vfo ..you cant just do it with RCA jumper cables.. someplace has to be the real analog VFO switching matrix ..   any of this make sense .. mac/mc  w5mc

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Subject: {Collins} Re: Kwm2a and 75S3 (TRANSCEIVE)

OK guys help me out a little here.
I thought you could NOT run the KWM-2A and 75S3 together in tranceive??
Not sure where I heard that, but glad to here it's not true.

I would love to do that. Please tell me what I need to do to make it work.

Merry Christmas.
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