{Collins} Re: Kwm2a and 75S3 (TRANSCEIVE)

On 12/20/06, radio <radio@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My advice is, use the KWM-2 with 312B-5 on SSB and an S-Line for CW and SSB.
 I have used a 51S-1 with my KWM-2 as an outboard receiver and just muted it
with the KWM-2...if I need the rejection tuning or more selectivity.  That
also offers the ability to tune a signal without moving your transmit

I use the 51S-1 with my KWM-2A for general coverage too, Paul. Love
it. Surprised no one else mentioned it, although we had a similar
thread years ago on the Tempe server. Only wish I had more time to
enjoy the stuff.

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ
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