{Collins} Early 30K-1 Schematic Needed

Holiday Greetings to All,
I recently acquired an early 30K-1 bearing serial number 18.  The manual I received with the transmitter has serial number 99 written on the cover.  The schematic in the manual does not match the contents of the RF deck in my 30K.  The RF deck in my 30K contains 5 link coupled coils, one for each of the 5 bands covered by the transmitter together with a single plate tuning capacitor. 
The manual schematic and pictorials included in the manual all show 3 coils plus a link coupled plug in coil for either 80/40 meters or 20/15/10 meters.  I assume this was the configuration for 30K-1s designed after construction of my 30K-1.
I would appreciate a copy of the schematic covering my early version of the 30K-1.  I can be reached either by reply e-mail or at 630.734.8627.
Best regards to all,
Peter N9HXW

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