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Hello Mac/mc,

Thanks for all the good words on KWS-1. Mine is virtually unusable because of the stiff knobs. I've read the various tentative diagnoses in the archives, which leave you bewildered what to do. Is there a definitive solution to this problem? Thanks.

Henry N2FCZ

At 08:50 AM 12/25/2006, Mac McCullough wrote:
19-23k plus shipping, allows 850.00-1000.00 for shipping , via Ocean container ... no I have not sold or bought in recent times ... but over my time have owned 5 .. most will not met the expectations you have outlined that you want in quality, but if a good one can be had that $$$$ range ought to produce one .... most will have medium to poor finish on the front , rust on the interior floor, extra holes drilled in the front or back, poor quality replacement lamp and or socket holders and or switches on the front panel.... medium to heavy Arc over [ gouges ] in the variable caps on the RF Deck , missing or more frequently mis-matched power or choke transformers, the wiring loom will be dried and or brittle... Demand all the pictures you can receive, I'd think no less that 25-40 pictures, as I said I think I have seen just about as many as anyone here, sans Howard Mills , and likely owned and sold more than most any of us .. not a brag, but rather a SAD fact of getting taken advantage of , in the quest to find a good unit ...Look at Bob Sullivan's web site W0YVA Bob has a list of those who have spoken up and said what unit by S/N they own or where it might be or has been ... Original books are seldom found as stand alone items, and very often not included in the deal because they didn't come with the set ... when it was bought used ... new it did of course ... Howard knows where most of the body's are on this piece, as well Kurt Keller, seems like Howard typically has 2-5 units in his shop for restoration efforts, writing this brings back a flood of very bad memories I experienced trying to find a nice unit, if you didn't come over your self, I'd get SOMEONE to interview and or go look at the perspective unit, and that SOMEONE should only be a owner or past owner, they're are a lot of nuances involved in buying one of these, and if you haven't traveled this road, you dont know, Howard Kurt as well Pete [ k5pz ] would all be a big help to review what your wanting and to give you good background info, cause once you buy one, and bring it home, it's damn hard to make or fix as might be required .. thus they can become a very expensive door stop .. keeping in mind the production of these was or is not reported or supported by any number beyond 150 units ...

All this said, and I love the KW-1 another very good choice and in my opinion MUCH BETTER looking set is the 300G albeit only 250 watts it looks like a million dollars... it is shorter , and wider , and beefer looking , but not well served beyond 160 meters at all.. good luck

mac/mc  w5MerryChristmas

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Firstly Happy Christmas to all in this list, KW-1 my ultimate transmitter, I would like to find a really nice KW-1 for 2007, I would like as good an example as possible as I am in the UK so shipping will be expensive, What sort of money am I looking at having to pay so I can start thinking about it. I am not looking right away but just making plans. 73 Max M0GHQ

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