{Collins} Very special 312A-1 for sale

Due to the recent acquisition of a SC-101, I am offering for sale my prized 312A-1 lighted speaker, formerly owned by Frank Guenther, W2ALS.
To this 312A-1 grill (it was designed to have purchasers add devices) has been professionally added a Collins 302C-2 wattmeter complete with 1 KW directional coupler, and the art deco design Telrex rotor control unit. The chrome ring has a unique decorative design enhancing the display. Included as well for this rotor control is a new matching GE selsyn in the event the owner would like to sync a rotor to the display.
This 312A-1 has original paint, no chips anywhere though couple minor blemishes do exist otherwise it would be described as "mint". It includes the 40 watt frosted lumiline bulb, perfect sockets, proper endcaps, and chrome shield. The speaker is solid and sounds wonderful.
For those who are not familiar with W2ALS and his history of contribution to radio, see this QCWA link about his passing in 1999 http://www.qcwa.org/w2als-sk.htm  Among his many achievements was his implementation of the first ever two-way police radio in Bayonne, NJ.
To view pictures of the unit, please see the following link and the 312A-1 owned by W2ALS heading http://home.earthlink.net/~nj2r/
Because of the added units and its historical significance, I am asking $1500 which will include shipping.
Please contact me off list if interested.
73, Roger, NJ2R

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