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CCA: K2RED Results & Comments,

I gave the current BoD of the CCA the preliminiary ballot count for the new board for 2007 last week. I e-mailed each current board member immediately thereafter to hold off on posting the results until I had double-checked certain things to make sure of the accuracy and validity of the ballot count, my working to make certain all is in order. W8RO posted a congratulatory message, unfortunately, before my having confirmed and validated the election results. I had specifically asked that all current board members not release this preliminary information until I had confirmed it as final, validated results. I had good reasons for having asked for that delay. The CCA members must have the FINAL results, from the one who had been given the task of counting the votes, K2RED.

This evening, December 31, 2006, has my official results tallied and confirmed, as they were stated previously. The new members of the BoD are, stated as before: Pete Zilliox, K5PZ; Mac McCollough,  W5MC; and Jim Stitzinger, WA3CEX, having been elected to the new board.

To all of the 2007 board members of the CCA, PLEASE, remember the goals of the association: To respond to the needs of the membership; to archive the history of the company and its amateur radio gear before that history is gone forever; to be what the association should be, working TOGETHER for the good, the wonder, of Collins gear and its history. Whatever politics there may be, put them aside, ALL of them. Be aware of why you are on the board of this association: Collins Radio and its gear, the members. That is why you are here, to best represent the interests of CCA members.
IMPORTANT: CCA members, let the new board know what you want and need; be heard for the good of the Collins gear, organize perhaps trips that feature Collins gear; help to promote an association that can archive what you need; volunteer to achieve the CCA goals.

Sandy, KW6KW, and I, K2RED, produce "The Signal " newsletter for the membership. It is what we do, and to a level of excellence that he and I believe in. If you have anything to contribute, please contact me, K2RED, or Sandy, KW6KW.
With my thanks and best wishes for the New Year to all Collins radio gear devotees. Long live Collins gear and CW . . . .
Gail, K2RED
Editor, "The Signal" newsletter

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