{Collins} Re: KWM-2 Repair or HELP Needed

Thanks to all for the many replies and wealth of information.

Since I sent the post a week ago (it just came out today) I pleased to 
report that I have made pretty good progress.

I now have good drive on all bands, neutralization came in nicely even with 
the the 6146W's which I will probably replace with A's once I find some 
(just because). I have over 100 watts out on all bands except 10 meters and 
have yet to do a by the book alignment which will possibly yield a few more 

The 80 meter drive is nice and smooth now after replacing the parallel cap 
on the trimmer, and the intermittent racket is gone after removing and 
sanding the edges of the mixer coil shields and tightening all tube socket 
screws after working them around a bit. I also worked the finger stock to 
chassis metal around a bit to improve the ground. Unfortunately I replaced 
the shields before having the opportunity to apply DeOxit to the switches 
but it doesn't seem to need it at this point.

I then performed SB-6 which added a diode in the screen line and that took 
care of the slow return to receive from transmit. The symptoms were 
identical to what was described in the text of the SB and the fix with a 
garden variety silicone high PRV diode did the trick.

One OM suggested a bit of Jack Daniels to resolve the frustration problem 
and that worked well too :)!

I will continue to work on this radio and after I follow up on all the great 
input I expect it to work well. There are numerous "safety nets" out there 
when all else fails and I appreciate those sources.

TNX and 73, Roger, NJ2R 

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