{Collins} Re: Need copper/brass tuning belt for 75S-1

Wayne Light wrote:

>  I really need the brass/copper tuning belt  (About 4+ inches by 1/2 inch) that moves the tuning bracketfor the RF/ANT/OSC tuning slugs on my 75S-1 receiver.   It has broken (with a little help from me). There are two of these belts, attached to the "metal tube".
>  I'm sure I must not be the only one that has broken these things.  Does anyone know where I can find a replacement?   
This is a not too uncommon failure with the S-line equipment.  My guess 
is that you will not be able to find a replacement.  However, not all is 
lost.  It is entirely possible to fabricate a replacement using the 
broken piece as a pattern (with the help of a bit of tape to hold the 
pieces together). 

You should be able to purchase a small sheet of shim brass stock at your 
local hobby shop.  Several years ago, when I suffered this same problem, 
I was able to buy an assortment pack of shim brass for about $1.00.  My 
package was labeled K&S Engineering Co., Chicago, 60638,  #258 Shim 
Brass Asst.  I found a sheet in the pack that matched the thickness of 
the original piece. 

Using an ordinary pair of scissors, I cut a replacement part using the 
pattern made from the original pieces.  I then used an awl, ice pick or 
center punch to make the holes required.  Although the original part had 
some eyelets soldered to provide a bit of strength, I don't recall 
finding that to be necessary in my homebrew replacement. 

If you don't have a hobby shop nearby, you may be able to find such an 
assortment shim pack at a large hardware store.

I hope this helps get the 75S-1 working again.



Ken K4XL

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