{Collins} Re: Telefunken Tubes for A-4

Save your money, 99.99% of the hype you hear about cleaner sound, warmer
sound stage, better colorization ect., ect., ect.  about these high priced
tubes is simply technobabble  to seperate the audiophools from their money.

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Subject: {Collins} Telefunken Tubes for A-4

> Has anyone had experience with replacing the audio tube (12AT7) in their
> 75A-4 with a Telefunken corporation tube tube?  Reason I ask is that the
> Telefunken tubes have an outstanding reputation, and supposedly provide a
> cleaner sound. My thought is that even though the A-4 is outstanding as it
> is, wouldn't the Telefunken tube make it that much better? That said,
> on eBay for Telefunken tubes are rather high.  Would I be wasting my money
> for a minimal, if any, improvement to the radio or is this worth the cost?
> If worth the cost, suggested sources would be appreciated.  Thanks as
> always! Steve (N3WNG and a CCA member).
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