{Collins} FS: 75A-4 & 75A-2


I have two very nice Collins A-line radios for sale: 

* A 75A-4, one of the most sensitive I've ever played with,
  and a CCA "Excellent" in appearance

* A 75A-2 that got brought back from the grave, CCA "Very Good".  

Both have been extensively refurbished and repaired.  See 
details below.

Will ship at cost if absolutely necessary, but prefer pickup 
in Chapel Hill, NC, or will deliver to Orlando Hamfest, or
hamfests in the Carolinas or Virginia.

Thanks, and 73, John K4OZY


75A-4, serial no. 1504.  $1100 with one filter. 

* 4:1 spinner knob
* Comes with 3Kc filter 
* Additional 2Kc filter available for $100
* Radio completely dissassembled, cleaned, and lubed
* Front panel refinished and re-screened by Howard Mills
* Cabinet paint 'freshened' with light St James Gray overspray
* Has original "N" antenna connector
* Retubed, as needed
* All paper caps replaced with axial lead film/foil units, US mfg.
* "Deadly" mica coupling caps replaced with epoxy-dipped silver micas
* Electrolytic replaced with NOS exact replacement
* PTO end point adjustment:  +1.0kc (high end), -0.5kc (low)
* 3-wire power cord
* Full alignment
* Sensitivity, mid-band 6dB (S+N)/N:
	160m 0.2uV
	 80m 0.2uV
	 40m 0.2uV
	 20m 0.2uV
	 15m 0.3uV
	 11m 0.4uV
	 10m 0.25uV, 0.5uV
* Manual copy

Pictures at


75A-2, serial no. 249.  $450

* Radio extensively modified: 
	* 6DC6 RF amp
	* 6BA7 1rst & 2nd mixers
	* Product detector
* RF & Mixers completely rebuilt, all new parts
* Dissassembled, cleaned, lubed, retubed as needed
* Cabinet paint 'freshened' with light overspray
* Non-Collins Xtal calibrator added
* All paper, electrolytic caps replaced
* New Peter Dahl power transformer
* Full alignment
* Sensitivity, mid-band, 6dB (S+N)/N:
	80m 0.7uV
	40m 0.7uV
	20m 1.3uV
	15m 1.8uV
	10m 1.2uV
* 3-wire power cord
* Great looking radio, great sounding AM/SSB receiver
* Manual copy
* Condition issues:
	Few paint chips around panel edge
	Several hole plugs and covers to undo previous mod's

Pictures at


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