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   Hi to all, 
  I have followed with interest the issue of the H.V. plate transformer T503 of the KWS1, why also I have a similar problem, I have withdrawn a KWS1, with the fused transformer... had inserted it to 220 volt a.c, while it was programmed to operate at 117 a.c.!!!
  Now I know the characteristics  and I will make to it.
  My KWS1 have not the original coaxial antenna  relay ( lost during the transfer..) with  N plugs.
  I have found in my house  in  Aosta Valley, two coaxial antenna relays 
  -         the first one is manufactured by  : STROMBERG-CARLSON no. 666218-609 ? down key co.no.DK-G-SC2   - coil voltage  28 VDC -  with 3 plug N 
  -         the second is in one black box with to the outside nameplate is  written :   U.S.Pproperty  -  Junction  Box  JB-131 ? serial no.  B-294 ? order no. AF 33(038)-30469 , manufactured by HAZELTINE ELECTRONICS Corp. ? with 3 plug N plus one N with 2 point for power supply .
  Of  this coaxial relay does not know the volts of feeding and if is dc or ac. 
  It can, someone, to supply news to me with respect to the feeding of the HAZELTINE  relay? 
  The KSW1 is in my house in Val of Aosta, and in the next month I will go to see as I will be able to make in order to begin the restoration operations.
  Thanks, in advance,  to all for the information
  I1BAW  - Bob  J. Leveratto
C.C.A.     AC99-00919
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