{Collins} List Posting Guidelines reminder


Just a friendly reminder about posting to the CCA List.  Our volunteer
moderators have informed us that there have been a couple dozen =
submissions in the last week that were sent to the List.  By private, we
mean messages that were replies to other posts.  These replies were =
at one single person (the author of the original post) and no one else.
These "private" email messages generate over a THOUSAND messages going =
over a THOUSAND different email addresses and Inboxes!  What a waste of
bandwidth that is!  In addition, there are many dozens of error messages
generated by these 1000+ messages from folks who have full email =
SPAM filters, etc.  PLEASE DO NOT use the "Reply All" button when you =
replying to a post, REGARDLESS of whether you are replying to the author =
the List!  This means that you should TAKE THE TIME to address your =
carefully either to the individual you want to communicate with OR the =
members of the List!  This just keeps the bandwidth down on the List and =
the List Archives.

Thank you for cooperation and continue to enjoy the CCA List!

Floyd, W8RO
Sandy, KW6KW
List Administrators

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