{Collins} Fw: Collins Collector's Monthly Magazine and Quarterly Magazine

Hi All - I recently obtained a set of the subject magazines, and would like to obtain the missing issues.  I have Volume I, issues 1-12; 
volume 2, issues 1-13 and 16, and Volume 3, issues 1 and 2. For the quarterly magazine I have Winter 1994, Fall 1992 (Volume 2, issue 2) and November 1991 (Volume 1, issue 2).   Please let me know if you have Volume 2, issues 14 and 15, and anything else after Volume 3, issue 2 (I do not know how long this publication existed before the present CCA came about).  Also, interested in the remaining quarterly issues.  Prices asked also requested. I will be out of town starting Monday, back on Thursday night.
Thanks in advance, and please reply to my email address to save CCA bandwidth. 73, Steve CCA # 02-11308
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