{Collins} methyl chloride

Methyl chloride is a solvent which will dissolve Plexiglas, so don’t use it around any plastic, or even the fumes will at least frost the plastic.  Inhaling the fumes can cause an anesthetic death.  All inhalational anesthetic agents are halogenated hydrocarbons.  Prolonged exposure will cause liver damage (simple halogenated hydrocarbons are very hepatotoxic).  It is a direct cardiac irritant and doesn’t cause heart attacks, per se, but does cause dangerous arrythmias  which can  cause cardiac arrest;  DEAD is DEAD!


If used, provide a way to exhaust the fumes.  If you can smell it, you are not being safe enough.  It can be absorbed through intact skin as can carbon tetrachloride.


About time that I could contribute something constructive to you guys, with as much technical help as you have given me over the years!  My undergraduate degree was in biochemistry and I did research in toxicology and cardiovascular pharmacology for three years before med school.


Vy 73





(Russell T. Garland, M.D.)



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