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I've got to put in my 2-cents worth on this mike issue.
I have several hand-mikes for my rigs, because I'm a "close-talker" (from airplane days) and don't like plugging and unplugging. They are all about the same. The one on my KWM-2A is in a plastic Lafayette housing. But, the "guts" is a $4.96 crystal element from Mouser. I get "good audio" reports from the Gulf Coast Hurricane and Gulf Coast SSB Nets. I've got an old Shure 444 sitting in the old equipment rack and never use it. I'm just not comfortable with desk mikes. (No, I don't want to sell it. I might try it again, someday :)
John Painter
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Subject: {Collins} Re: What type of microphne?

One of the nicest microphones I have is a "no name brand" Lafayette dual impedance dynamic in a beautiful brushed satin metal housing. I got it on ebay for $12. Name brands aren't always best. Treasure is where you find it.
Happy Holidays
Paul K0UYA
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I have had good results with the Shure 450 Series II Desktop Microphone.  It has a switch for low and high impedance.  You should be able to find one on e-bay at a reasonable price.

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