{Collins} Dust Covers for Collins Eqpt.

my wife is GOING STRONG on this project.  She has gone to the fabric store twice so far and bought what she  thinks will be acceptable. 
I am sure she will be able to make the covers whatever size one needs and is experimenting now with the sizes. 
For all Collins gear, the word COLLINS is on the front center.  She will put HAM calls on one of the front corners if requested.  I think she said the front, right bottom corner is best.

She has 46 orders so far.
Even though she is retired now, it will take her a few days to catch up on this project.

 Also, she will honor prices quoted on the orders/requests she has now. However, as we go forward, if she finds that the costs of materials and the estimated time it takes to make them, etc., is more than originally estimated, then the costs will need go up some.  Even so, she's not out to get rich on this.... :-)

Therefore, it may take her a week or so to catch up.  YES she will make covers for other equipment.  I have a lot of various equipment here to get measurements from, however, please supply sizes just to be sure.   MEASURE carefully and LIST Depth(front to back) WIDTH(left to right side) and HEIGHT.  We have already experienced some supplied sizes being wrong.  I'm not sure where to find sizes for Collins gear that I don't have.

Thanks guys.  Elva is enjoying this project and says she will be making more generic ones to take to the Orlando Hamfest in February.  I'll be taking a bunch of dust covers to any fest I go to from now on, I'm sure. 

PLEASE give us your Ham Call when you make an order or requests for prices, etc.  It helps me keep records better organized.

Bob  W5UQ and  Elva  Hardie

fn:Bob Hardie, W5UQ(formerly W5EUQ)    SEE W5EUQ.com or QRZ.com for latest info
n:Hardie, W5UQ    SEE W5EUQ.com or QRZ.com for latest info;Bob
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