{Collins} 32s2/75s2 for trade

 I have a very nice 32S2-75S2 combination I would like to do some trading on.  These are nice units in nice cabinets.  Both have been re-capped using good quality “orange drop” caps.  The receiver has the stock 500 Hz filter.  They are nice as well as rare pieces. Possible trade items I am looking for are the 51J3/R388, 51J4, Collins Built R390 and TMC CV-591.    


I also have a very nice cosmetically KWM-2A which will need electrical work.  The unit does receive, but needs some work on the transmit side of things.  Switches, pots, etc. need to be cleaned.  It is a restoration I just don’t have time to fool with.  It has the plug in relays and all crystals.  Asking $550 + shipping or possible trade for above items. 




Doug Massey


Self Regional Healthcare

1325 Spring Street

Greenwood, SC 29646


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