{Collins} Re: Collins "S-meter" lamps

The 51 is considerably shorter than the 47 and
therefore the heat source is farther away from meter
"dial".  Also, the 51 is rated at 7.5 volts (was used
by the commercial two-way radio manufacturers in "6
volt" radios) instead of 6.3 VAC as is the 47. 
Therefore will not be "quite" as bright as a 47 and
also put out less heat when used in 6.3 VAC
applications.  The 53 is the "12 volt" equivalent and
millions of those were used by Motorola in two-way
radio control heads.  The 53 is rated at 15 volts.

In the S-Line meters the 51 will put out plenty of
light at 6.3 VAC and the heat will be less.

Glen, K9STH

--- George Babits <gbabits@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

For what it's worth:
I recently pulled the bulb from a 32S-1 meter and it
is a #51.  Same base as the #47 but little round bulb.
 Whether this is the correct bulb or not I have no
idea.  I would guess that the bulbs are the same in
all the Collins meters.  The #51 draws 0.2 amps which
would make it a "hotter" bulb than the 47.

Glen, K9STH

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