{Collins} INRUSH CURRENT LIMITERS FOR S LINE KWM-2 AND 32S and/or 516F-2 power supplies?

Team, as I am recapping and restoring a sadly neglected and abused ex-military 75S-3 and an ex-military 32S-1 a friend gave me recently from an Estate I decided to also install inrush current limiters while I am recapping and restoring. In the past when I restored/updated my 75S-3B and 51S-1 receivers I installed inrush current limiters in each, Mouser Electronics part number 527-CL140, 1.1 amps max and 50 ohms at room temperature start up and .7 ohms after start up and they both have worked great and the inrush limiters *significantly* reduced the initial high current inrush originally present at turn on. So what is my question? Has anyone had success installing a current limiter in the 516F-2 power supplies for the KWM-2 and 32S series of transmitters? If so, what did you use, what parameters did you select for the current limiter and what were the results? My understanding is that the general rule of thumb is to select an operating current rating more than the max expected current draw and if possible have approx 50 ohms at start up with the current limiter impedance dropping to less than an ohm after start up.  Any guidance or recommendations would be appreciated as I intend to start recapping the 516F-2 after I finish with the 75S-3 and 32S-1.  Thanks, Ted, K6XN


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