{Collins} Re: R-390A BFO PROBLEM

Finally got the 'Bellows" to move off the Tuning Unit Shaft. Just kept working with it gently and applied a bit more Liquid Wrench".
Thanks to those who commented. If I don't find this BFO problem, I'll be back.
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Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2007 3:33 PM
Subject: {Collins} R-390A BFO PROBLEM

Ever since the 3TF7 Ballast tube went out, I have had a BFO problem. I need to get to the BFO Tube socket beneath the chassis. To do this safely, I need to pull the BFO Drive Shaft forward. But I can't get the coupling unit nearest the BFO Tuning Unit to release. I have removed both set screws and put a few  drops of penetrating oil in the holes with no success. However, I can hold the shaft coming from the Tuning Unit with long nose pliers and can turn the coupling unit with my hand. I am reluctant to put more pressure in this area in fear of damagng the tuning unit or the "Bellows" type device between the two shafts. What is the purpose of the "Bellows", By the way?
I must be missing some thing here. Right???
Thanks for any suggestions.

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