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Quoting Bob W5UQ <W5EUQ@xxxxxxxxxxx>:...
> > My second question is I am wondering where I can obtain the moisture 
> > silica thing that screws into the VFO? My 32V-2 has one, my 75A-1 is 
> > missing it.
> >
> > Thanks & 73!
> >
> > James KB2FCV

James,  Search the archives.  The silica things are actually still available in
the aviation community. They are actually used in piston engines in place of
spark plugs during storage. they are the same thread and size as the spark

You can get them at aviation supply places. There was a thread about this some
time ago.

Search for "silica", "Dessicant" and "Spark Plug"

I just did a search on Google for "spark plug desiccant" and got lots of hits.
Covered by US Patent 5375572.

Here is a link from a supplier with a picture:

Searching for Cylinder Dehydrator Plugs got me to this link showing them as part
of a kit:

I suggest you put on overalls and saunter into the local airplane mechanics
shop.  He/she is likely to have some damped-out plugs you can get for free or a
cup of coffee.  Bake them at 220 in the oven for a couple of hours (or more)
and you are all set to go.


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