{Collins} Great Help and Comments on XFMR BUZZING ISSUES THANK YOU ALL!!

Great thoughs and thanks so much for all the help.  Know I will solve the 
issue now.  Thanks for the comments.  I have a rather modest collection of 
50's and 60's
equipment here.  I just have not run into this particular problem before.
 On the power supply, it is completely renovated down
to regalvinizing the entire chassis and of course all the transformers
repainted.  I must say, it looks brand new!  The power supply works just 
fine except for the buzz and know know exactly how to attack the problem, 
the rf deck delivers about 325 watts output thru a bird into a 52
ohm dummy load on 75 meters!  But actually, the modulator deck is in the 
condition.  everything rusy but not a problem as long as the cores/windings
are ok which I am keeping my fingers crossed about at this time. Of course
the original Bud cabinet has been stripped and will be re-spayed with a 
hammertone finish
and the front panels will all be completely repainted and silkscreened.  73 
and thanks for the great help.  Van, K7VS

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